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Jan 10, 2018

How long is it really going to take?


Customers ask us all the time how long its going to take to get their drone repaired. The answer depends but in most cases we see an average turn-around time of about 3-5 days. Let's discuss what can slow us down in getting your UAS up and running as fast as possible and what you can do to speed things up.

Weather - One big slow-down we can experience is with the final test flight of your UAS. All repairs are test flown, preferable outdoors to test the VPS, GPS and range. Cloud City Drones is located in Rhode Island which is part of New England. We can get some real cold weather and this may delay the our ability to do a "ranged" test flight. Customers may opt-out if the ranged test flight for in-door test flights if the situation allows.


Parts - We love servicing DJI products but from time to time DJI simply does not make enough parts for its dealers. We typically see part supply issues when a new product is announced or when a product is EOL or "end of life". We try as hard as we can to discuss part availability before the customer sends it in.


When sending in a repair keep it as light as possible. Keep your batteries and anything not needed to the repair for example, props, power adapters, memory cards, filters.. etc. Since controllers are bound to the airframe it does help to send that along.


Also if your a business we have an express service that allows you to cut the line. Customers who opt in for express service will see their repair being started the day its received.


As always we're here to answer any questions. Our phone is 401.681.4112 or you can always email us at "hi@cloudcitydrones.com"


New Posts
  • Hi, my live view quit working after taking my Phantom 3 Pro out of winter storage. After doing research on the forums I decided to try a new camera/gimbal. I don't need 4k so decided to order an Advanced camera/gimbal, since DJI says they are compatible. I tried to install the Advanced firmware and it won't complete the install, just blinks red/green continously with no beeping sound. My question is, does the new gimbal come with any firmware pre loaded on it? I have/had 1.3.20 firmware on my system and would like to stay with that version, if possible. When I turn the drone on with an empty SD card in it it starts and flies perfectly but in the app it shows no signal and firmware n/a. Do you have any suggestions before I send it in to you for repair? Thank you for your assistance. Bill.
  • do you work on phantom 2 visions i have one that needs a motor and it wont send live video to my phone
  • I Cant update the firmware on my MP RC. I tried using dji assistant 2 but it dosen't recognize the RC.